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At Aoki Hair, we're all about creating a community that celebrates and embraces curls! We believe that curls are beautiful and unique, and we want to help you learn to love and celebrate your curls just as much as we do!

Led by Australia's Award Winning leading curly haircut specialist Jenni Spence, the team at Aoki Hair has spent years perfecting "The Aoki Hair Approach," to make curly hair care simple.

Aoki Hair is one of Perth's leading curly hair cut specialists. We understand that curly hair can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating to manage, which is why we've developed techniques that are not only effective but also easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Every curl is different, which is why we take the time to understand your hair's unique texture and characteristics and provide a personalised approach to every guest who walks through our door.

The Aoki team is passionate about ongoing education and staying up-to-date with the latest curly hair care techniques and trends. We're always eager to share our knowledge with our guests, whether it's recommending a new product or teaching you techniques that will work best for your hair.

We're committed to using the best possible products on your hair. That's why we stock the Aveda range. Aveda's botanically-based products not only deliver high performance but is also environmentally friendly and kinder to our planet.

At Aoki Hair, we're all about your curls and helping you feel confident and beautiful every day.

Let's celebrate your curls together at Aoki Hair!


Best hair cut I’ve ever had. After struggling with thick curly/frizzy hair all my life I started playing with the curly girl method about a year ago. The missing piece of my puzzle was a good hair cut and now I love my long curly hair. Jenny is so effervescent and there is a lovely vibe in the salon. Thank you!

Ali Sahba 14/01/2023

Best curly cuts in Perth. Such a lovely and talented salon

Lisa Wright 11/02/2023

Jenny was so lovely and gave me one of the best haircuts I've had in a long time. Thanks Jenny ❤️

I think the single most important thing a woman can have –
next to talent of course – is her hairdresser.
Joan Crawford

Aoki Hair is proud to be an Aveda salon in Mount Pleasant, WA. Aveda products are sustainably created using natural ingredients. Their products are now 100% Vegan and use recyclable and post-consumer plastic for their packaging. Their products are of high quality, deliver great results, and are produced responsibly. Aveda products are also cruelty-free and never tested on animals. For these reasons and more, we are proud to be an Aveda Salon and bring Aveda’s quality to our clients.


Cruelty Free
100% Wind & Solar
powered manufacturing
Pioneer in 100%
PCR PET Bottles
90% Naturally
derived hair care

What customers are saying about us

I had the best experience at Aoki today! Bella is incredible! Having curly hair Im so glade to have finally found a salon who really know what they are doing. I feel amazing and so confident with my new style. Not only am I happy with my new hair I enjoyed every moment of being at Aoki it was so much fun and so inviting.

Gabby Maranta
I loved my curly haircut experience and thank you for the curly hair style training it’s made such a difference to how my curls look. I really appreciated your genuine interest in your clients and the time and effort you put into making my experience in your salon a delight, thank you so much!
Shelley Hitchens

Aoki Hair was a fantastic and professional experience. Jenni and her staff are exceptionally welcoming and the vibe of the salon was warm and friendly. The staff were knowledgeable, attentive and focused on ensuring they achieved the best results for me, which they did! The staff regularly checked in and talked me through styling options, which was so clear and helpful. I absolutely loved this salon and highly recommend.

Shannon Smith
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Regain Natural Healthy Hair with the Power of Water

Aoki Hair is proud to be leading the way with the latest advancements in hair treatment technology. Our Takara micromist provides guests with a revolutionary technique to make Hair silkier, softer, shinier and stronger.

Jenni Spence - Curl Magician

What is ‘The Aoki Hair Approach’, you ask. Well sit down, make yourself comfortable and I’ll tell you.

Achieve Body With Layers

Many guests want to achieve body in their hair but the only way this is possible is by layering the hair. This can be done by subtle perimeter face framing or shorter all over waterfall layers to achieve voluminous, bouncy curls. Remember you can still keep your length.
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Alex and I are heading back to Africa today for 3 weeks. It has been 6 years since we were last there and I cannot wait. We are going streight into the  Bush and out again so really back to the sights, I sounds and smells of Africa and my beloved Elephants. The salon will be open for trading on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the first two weeks and closed the 8th, and 9th and 10th. I return to work on the 12th June. #africa#africanholiday#savannah#birdsong#businessowners##africanelephants #africananimals@oranjeinteriordesign
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I have some exciting news!! Aoki Hair will be welcoming a new staff member to add to our awesome team. Someone who is familiar and confident with curly cutting and styling and All aspects of colour. Our beautiful Christiana will be going on Maternity leave so Tashie will be our manager till Christiana returns in November!! Exciting times🎉#curlysalon#salonmanager#perthcurlygirls #curls#newstaff#funtimes#womansupportingwomen #womeninbusiness #womenempowerment #perthhairdresser #perthsalon#maternityleave#lovemystaff#newbeginnings#perthcurls
Textured hair in its Natural state after a dry haircut with no products or diffuse!! # I love💞this stage#afrohairstyle #curlybabe #curlyknowledge #picoftheday #afroqueen#behindthechair#curlycommunity #curlyteenager #curlyqueen#texturedcurls #naturallycurly #curllove #curlygirl #perthcurlysalon #perthcurlspecialist #curlyhair #drycurlycut #Curljourney
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They are just amazing! I couldn't imagine going anywhere else, both colour and curly cuts are amazing

Truly an amazing experience. I was a little sceptical as I haven’t had a haircut in over a year. Jenni made me feel super comfortable as soon as I sat in the chair. She took the lead and gave an amazing haircut for my curly hair. Very friendly and professional staff. Price is very affordable for the service they provide. Very happy with my hair. Highly recommend if you have curly hair. Thank you Aoki hair😁

Lonja Dean

Coming to get a haircut at Aoki is my pamper day. I get great service, professionalism, lots of laughter and my hair ALWAYS looks fabulous when I walk out. This place is a hive of activity but I always feel like I’m the queen bee 🐝, everyone attending to my needs 😊

A Wharewera

Absolutely loved my visit to Aoki. Their staff and services are amazing and made me feel so comfortable as a first time client. Jenny is wonderful and shared all about my hair type and styles that would suit my face shape. I felt confident to let her go to town on my hair and I couldn't be more happier. My hair has never felt this healthy, soft and bouncy before. Highly recommend anyone with curly hair wanting to embrace their true curl 🙌

Meg O'Hara

Genuinely the best haircut I have ever had. I'm 41, so I've had a few, and I have never felt so seen as I was by Jenni and her team. I week later and I'm still oozing joy around my new hair.

Jessie Shimona

Came to Aoki to get my curls back and yes Jenni and the girls brought them back in full swing!!! Had a lovely time meeting Jenni and chatting! She is so passionate about the curls and it is shown in the results! Best haircut I’ve had. Wonderful experience. Very professional. Great curl education and would recommend to anyone wanting to try get their curls back! Worth it! I love my cut! Thanks Jenni! Appreciate it! 😊

Jody Wilson

I was in today for Tahllia to colour my hair, this is the third time I’ve been in the salon, first time for Jenni to cut my hair, which has been amazing and really compliments my curl - I always thought I only had wavy hair. Tahllia has coloured my hair the last two times and she’s done an amazing job both times and I received plenty of compliments on the colour and curl. This a very happy and bubbly salon that makes the experiences even more enjoyable.

The curly hair queen 👑 I am so grateful that I found Aoki hair and jenni, her charisma, energy, knowledge with curls and professionalism is just something else 😍 I have struggled with my curls for sooo many years going to so many different hairdressers only noticing that they have no idea what they are doing with curly hair and always walking out looking like a poodle 🤦‍♀️ Jenni and the team at Aoki hair has brought my hair back to its natural life and I am LOVING wearing my hair curly again after many years of straightening as it just wasn’t sitting right. Now it’s perfect! They also recommended me the best products for my hair that is so easy to use on an everyday basis. So grateful ❤️ Can’t recommend more to my curly hair peeps if I tired! 5+++ stars ❤️ Keep doing you!

Highly recommend Aoki Hair. Jenni and all of the staff so professional, welcoming and friendly. Have been a regular client for approx 12 months and have been very happy with how my hair has been cut and styled each time. Best hair styling I have ever had for my curly hair. I walk out feeling wonderful! Each time I have been I have seen each client walk out with fabulous hair styling, all ages, both men and women. Can absolutely recommend Jenni and everyone. Thank you to you all at Aoki Hair!

Carly Monks

Jenni and her wonderful team have been my go-to for curly haircuts in Perth for the last couple of years, and every time I leave happy with my choice to “splurge” a little on myself with a haircut that makes me feel confident and stylish. After a lifetime of mediocre cuts elsewhere, Aoki has given me greater appreciation for how good my hair *can* look with the right curly cut and some guidance on tools and styling.

Taylah Horsham

I love how I feel every time I leave this place!! Would highly recommend to any curly hair person or even just a person with hair! Jenni and staff always treat me with kindness and always answer my questions with enthusiasm. I have been with Aoki hair for 4 years now and I won’t be going elsewhere!

Tina Ferraro

Absolutely amazing, I’m not one to invest money on a hair cut. But sooooo worth it! I have never had a hair cut like this before. Really friendly staff and amazing skills in cutting! Definitely recommend if you have curly hair and never feel comfortable with your hair. They helped me learn how to style it at home!

Carissa Dunn

Saw Jenny today for a much needed full restyle of my curls. She discussed different lengths and what might suit best and double checked it was ok to get rid of all the dead parts…which was a lot of length! She did a wonderful job. Super happy with the shape and length and feel like I can start growing it again from a place of health now! Thanks Jenny! So nice to have a place I can trust for my curls and happily recommend to anyone with waves or curls.

Laura Mann

I found Aoki Hair when I started my curly hair journey; it was the best decision. Jenni and the team are all fantastic, with exceptional knowledge of styling, colour and how to cut my hair to get the most out of my curls. I highly recommend the team at Aoki (curly hair or not), and I have always left feeling well looked after and LOVING my hair.

I loved my curly haircut experience and thank you for the curly hair style training it’s made such a difference to how my curls look. I really appreciated your genuine interest in your clients and the time and effort you put into making my experience in your salon a delight, thank you so much!

Kasia Parton

Truely Wonderful experience! I have been following Aoki hair on Instagram and finally got the opportunity to visit Jenny and her team who were professional, friendly and informative. Jenny coloured my hair, cut it according to my curl (this was a first for me) and she showed me how to work with the product simply to enhance my natural curls!!!!.I left feeling really emotional that my curly hair was understood. Subsequent wash/dries have been so effortless! Thank you Jenny for bring back the bounce back to my curly hair!

Sarah Watts

These guys make you look and feel amazing! I loved my curly cut. I just wish I'd had somewhere fabulous to go after getting it done, rather than just home! Highly recommend this salon.

Bridie Lee

Love love love! My hair always looks so gorgeous and refreshed after a trip to Aoki. Despite living on the other side of Australia, I intentionally plan my trips back to Perth to coincide with when I need my hair cut so I can get it done at Aoki. Jenny and the team are so friendly and I have referred several of my friends here after the amazing transformation that my hair has seen since I started seeing them 💇‍♀️

Lisa Wright

Best curly cuts in Perth. Such a lovely and talented salon

Ali Sahba

Best hair cut I’ve ever had. After struggling with thick curly/frizzy hair all my life I started playing with the curly girl method about a year ago. The missing piece of my puzzle was a good hair cut and now I love my long curly hair. Jenny is so effervescent and there is a lovely vibe in the salon. Thank you!

Karin Brown

You can determine a talented hairstylist with curly hair. The story common to all with curly hair is the many horrendous cuts, and maybe one, two or three good cuts in a lifetime? We moved from afar and the one thing I dreaded the most was finding a new is a stress for one with curly hair! After one bad haircut in our new location, I tried Jenni at Aoki and was very impressed. Jenni is well versed in curly hair cuts, and besides my own, I would certainly entrust her with any type of hair...she is a keeper! Her staff is very friendly and the environment is very relaxed and inviting. I highly recommend Aoki Hair.

Sara Frost

Just started using this salon and love the curly hairdressing skills by Jenni and all her staff. They are super friendly, organised and so willing to teach me how to embrace the way my hair wants to go! Also Taliah is a complete winner when it comes to colour.

Amy White

I love getting my hair done with Jenni and her team. A beautiful salon and love getting my curls looked after at Aoki. I highly recommend ❤️

Highly recommend Aoki Hair for anyone with curls. Jenny and her staff are amazing and the environment of the store is lovely. They make you feel so comfortable. Jennys experience with curls definitely shows through each cut. 10/10

Great experience! My curly hair looks fantastic every time I get a haircut! Jenny is very kind and a great hairdresser

Georgia Favre

Fabulous salon with such great staff and the best head massage! Jenny knows how to cut my curls perfectly - I have lots of different types of curls and my hair feels and looks amazing when I leave her salon :) highly recommend for those curly girls out there!

Georgia Tonani

Every time I come to Aoki hair I leave the salon feeling like a million bucks. The ladies are always so welcoming and friendly, giving the best hair care advice and service. Once you come here you won’t want to go to any other salon, guaranteed. Thank you ladies for always making my curls beautiful!! 💕

I've been coming to Aoki for all my curly hair cuts for the last two years or so and I've always had a great experience. All the staff are incredibly friendly and Jenni always cuts me layers to build volume and shape. My last cut today is no exception, my cut and diffuse looks great!

Shelley Poole

Jenni is a miracle worker. She turned my sad frizzy poodle ears into healthy bouncy Shirley Temple curls in just 1 hour. She is more than happy to answer Curly Hair questions, and beyond being downright professional at what she does, Jenni is also a warm creative spirit. Absolutely delighted with her work.

Naida George

Greeted with a smile and a laugh. Had a dry curly cut, shampoo and diffuse. Such awesome knowledge of varying curl types and I always leave feeling uplifted and fabulous. Thankyou 💕💕💕

Absolutely love how every time I come in here, I leave with new appreciation for my hair and the ladies that work at Aoki! Jenny seems to know what I want even when I don't - and the conversation is an added bonus. Everyone is warm and friendly, making it a great experience. Would definitely recommend no matter where you are in your curly journey! ❤️

Ebony Waru

Love it

Just went here today, I had an absolute ball! Jenni and her staff were delightful and did such an awesome job with my hair. I came in with a mop of oily dense hair and left with beautiful light curls that got compliments all day. I can’t thank Jenni enough, she’s a wealth of knowledge on all things curly :)

CD Natta

After several bad haircuts of my (very curly and unruly) hair, I finally gave Jenni and her team a go. And I'm glad I did! Jenni knows what she's doing with curls. She took the time to understand what I wanted, and she delivered. The team of ladies there are lovely. I'll be back! Cara

Bailey Cookson

What an amazing Experience!,,,From the moment you step into Aoki Hair there is a feeling of fun, warmth and acceptance. I had been looking forward to my appointment for over 3 months and it was worth the wait..with smiles all round, teas and treats served on an Italian tray , forms filled in, jenni arrives. We consulted fo a while exchanging photos and Jenni went to town!, I got a fringe.. The shampoo was great and the price good considering I was in there for over 2 hours. Jenni is passionate about what she does and it shows!, I will be back

Before Aoki I tried numerous other salons to disastrous results. My hair was a constant unworkable frizzy mess. I was quite fortunate when I happened across an acquaintance with the most wonderful curly hair I've ever seen, who recommended their hair dresser. The staff are all wonderful, the hair wash is relaxing, the tea is lovely. But most importantly they do a damn good job. I always leave delighted with the results.


I saw Jenny for the first time recently and I have never been happier with my hair! I had a really relaxing experience and got to sit under one of those big hood dryers for the first time - left my curls looking so healthy and bouncy. Jenny showed me how to use the products and how to style my hair and get the same results at home. 2 weeks later and I am still creating those beautiful curls by myself and they last for days! Will be returning again and again

Chr Ward

I've finally learnt to love my curls thanks to Jenni and her team. Highly recommended.

Teresa DAmato

Fantastic service and products and my hair always looks Fabulous.

julie cameron

Jenny was so lovely and gave me one of the best haircuts I've had in a long time. Thanks Jenny ❤️

Scotty Fleming

Thank you Jenni for giving me a lovely curly cut! This salon really understands curly hair and how to cut and style it. I alternate between leaving my hair curly and straightening it and this cut has worked for both styles. I will definitely be back! (FYI posted under my husbands google account this review from Atoosa)

Tania George

Why why only 5 stars. My experience at Aoiki hair is worth more than 5 stars. This is my second time visiting this hairdressers and let me just say , I had by far the most wonderfull experience. I wish I have found you sooner.Jenny is a wonderfull , sweet and very professional person. She takes her time explaining how to care for your hair . My curls have never looked better. You have a customer for life. Thank you Jenny 😘

After I had very unsatisfactory experiences with other hairdressers I have finally found one who understands my curly hair and it’s needs. I can not recommend Jenni highly enough. She gave me the best curly hair cut and has a wealth of knowledge. I love my all around experience at AOKI. Thank you

Odete D'avila

I live 65 kms far from her place but it is totally worth the trip. For sure Jenny is the perfect hairdresser for curly hair. Jenny is warm, friendly and very professional. I highly recommend her and I have already booked my next appointment.


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